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Multi-Policy and Coverage Discount

Experience the best selection and service. Streamline your insurance management. As independent agents, Goosehead Insurance Waco offers multi-policy discounts across coverage and carriers.

Protect Your Property. Protect Your Future.

When you own property, nothing is more important than keeping it safe. Nothing is guaranteed. Homeowners can face many challenges. Home insurance is there whenever an emergency arises.

Protection Against Natural Events

Storm damage. Hail and wind. Lightning. Extreme temperature changes. Natural events are unpredictable and can change your life in the course of a few hours. In the middle of an emergency is no time to wonder, Do I have the right homeowners’ insurance coverage? The best home owners’ insurance options for acts of nature: Goosehead Insurance Waco.

Vandalism, Theft, Malicious Activity

Home protection is a serious matter. Whether you’re protecting a large property or a small one, you want assurance that when something happens, you’ll have someone to turn to for help. Homeowners insurance can help you recover from damages caused by another person. If your property is damaged, vandalized, or stolen, it can help to know that your home insurance may help you repair or replace it. Speak with a Goosehead Insurance Waco agent today for a customized insurance quote.

Protecting Your Home

renters-insurance There are many hazards that cause damage to your home and property. Protect more than the buildings and structures – protect the place you love. The place you call “home.” Goosehead Insurance Waco: Helping everyone find the right home insurance coverage.

Personal Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Even if you work to keep your property safe, someone might get injured. Your homeowners insurance can help cover your liability after someone’s accident on your property. Help the injured person receive reimbursement for medical expenses, time lost from work, or other costs associated with the injury. Limit your personal liability exposure with the right homeowners’ insurance plan. Discuss your options with a Goosehead Insurance Waco representative.

Flood Insurance

Water is one of nature’s most destructive forces. Every year, millions of dollars in property damage caused by flooding occurs throughout Texas. Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not protect against water infiltration and flooding damages. Get the right insurance coverage: ask about flood insurance coverage. There is nothing like knowing you’re protected.

Texas State Law

In areas that are close to the water, codes may require that homeowners protect their property with flood insurance. “Flood zones” are areas that are likely to flood, and may require specific building requirements. Flood zone properties also require flood insurance. In many areas, flooding occurs seasonally near water reservoirs. In any home, rising water or poor drainage can cause flooding. Over half of flood insurance claims are made in Texas. Many of them in areas that are not considered “flood zones.” Flood insurance protects your property: Goosehead Insurance Waco agents.
Earthquake Damages Earthquakes occur when large land masses shift, causing the ground to literally move underneath your property. Earthquakes have been known to do damage to homes’ foundations, roofs, and all levels of construction, even from miles away. Get the right insurance coverage for your property: Goosehead Insurance Waco agents professionally guide you through your options.

Earthquake Insurance

Properties all around Texas experience earthquakes. While one may not happen every day, they are not uncommon. Earthquake damage can be devastating. Not typically covered by homeowners insurance, “earth movement” can mean anything from shifting ground to extreme local seismic activity. Earthquake insurance provides specific coverage that will protect your property and help you rebuild after the devastation of an earthquake.
Complimentary Earthquake Insurance Review With a review of your home insurance policy coverage, Goosehead Insurance Waco agents can include a complimentary review of your risks and potential need for earthquake insurance.

Insure and protect your valuables. Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover some replacement costs for jewelry and personal valuables.

Jewelry insurance or personal property insurance extends coverage to your precious items. After a loss, your valuables can be repaired or replaced.

Jewelry Insurance
Reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged wedding rings. Jewelry insurance to cover a single item or full inventory. An experienced insurance agent can help you choose coverage that protects every investment, heirloom, and designer item you own.

Goosehead Insurance Waco: Best jewelry insurance options.

Personal Property Insurance
Homeowners insurance covers some of your personal property, but it has limits.

Your one-of-a-kind items with special value deserve customized coverage.

  • Protect artwork.
  • Insure firearms.
  • Cover a collection.
  • Replace electronics, computers, and home entertainment systems.

Speak to a personal property insurance agent at Goosehead Insurance Waco about your property and risks, to get the right coverage for you.

Extended Limits Means More Security Umbrella insurance provides additional protection beyond the limits of other liability insurance coverage. Goosehead Insurance Waco agents help you assess your property’s risks. We can guide you to the right umbrella insurance coverage for your needs.  

Umbrella Insurance

Having appropriate insurance means covering your risks appropriately. An umbrella insurance policy extends beyond the liability coverage of your basic homeowners, auto, boat, and other property insurance. Ensure your future. Reduce your liability exposure. Provide ample coverage for even the worst-case scenarios. Our policies are designed to match your life. Get insurance that is made to fit.  
Complimentary Umbrella Insurance Quote A thorough review of a homeowners’ insurance policy, auto insurance options, or boat insurance coverage should always include a review for the best umbrella insurance options. That’s our belief: that’s how we operate. Let a Goosehead Insurance Waco agent help you customize your coverage for unbeatable protection.

Coverage for All Your Vehicles

Car ownership is a big, fun, ongoing responsibility. Be safe. Protect your family, friends, passengers, and fellow drivers on the road. The right auto insurance coverage will protect more than just your property – it will protect the most important things in your life.

Basic Liability Insurance

Texas law requires that all car owners provide liability insurance, which covers the medical expenses and property damage of someone involved in an accident that you caused.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Texas law requires that insurance providers offer PIP coverage to all drivers. While drivers have the right to waive this insurance coverage, it extends coverage and reimbursement options for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses you incur after an accident.

Additional Insurances

Above and beyond the state mandated coverage, Gooeshead Insurance Waco offers additional extended car insurance options, including:

Provide the exact insurance coverage you need for your classic, restored, customized, or collectible car. Tailor your auto insurance for the drivers, mileage, and risks in your household. It’s about your safety. It’s about your peace of mind.

Goosehead Insurance Waco: helping you look out for what’s coming down the road ahead.

Boat and RV Insurance

Every type of vehicle has different risks and insurance needs associated. Get the exact coverage you need for your situation. Protect your future, keep your bases covered. Boat Insurance Boats are an ongoing investment. One of the most important items you want to insure against damage and liability, boat insurance policies are highly customizable. Get exact coverage for your craft and your lifestyle. Top boat insurance options: Goosehead Insurance Waco Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance Combining elements of a home and an automobile, an RV requires its own insurance with coverage that’s similar to both. Protect yourself with additional roadside assistance and other benefits of an RV insurance policy tailored to you. For all your auto insurance needs. Keeping you safe, on every step of your mobile lifestyle: Goosehead Insurance Waco.

Motorcycle Insurance

2-wheeled motored vehicles – motorcycles, scooters, and others – require their own insurance coverage. Depending on your risks, a Goosehead Insurance Waco agent can help you assess which type of motorcycle insurance is right for you.

ATV, Recreation Vehicles, Trailers, and More

In Texas, we love the outdoors. We have all types of vehicles to enjoy every season.

With the love of the outdoor vehicles comes the need to insure them against damages and liability concerns.

Goosehead Insurance Waco auto insurance coverage options include:

  • ATVs
  • 4-wheelers
  • Dune buggies
  • Snowmobiles
  • Go Karts
  • Golf Carts

However you like to spend your time outdoors, we want to help you.

Call Goosehead Insurance Waco with any questions about insuring your outdoor vehicles.

Protect the Things You Love

Renters need protection for the things they own. Renters insurance gives renters the protection they need. Whether you rent an apartment, a house, a condo, or any type of residence, renters’ insurance helps you protect the things you love. Property owners insure buildings, appliances, and structures and will have them repaired after an emergency or accident damages the property. Renters are responsible for repairing or replacing personal items, for restoring their lives back to normal. Repair. Replace. Restore. Rebuild. Renters insurance is there to help after an accident or natural event. Tailor your policy to cover your specific property or personal items, and your risk factors. Get the right rental insurance plan to help you get back on your feet immediately after a loss. Goosehead Insurance Waco offers a selection of house and apartment renters insurance to suit your needs.

Protect the Property Against Liability

Property owners who lease properties to renters have the responsibility to keep their properties safe.

Landlord Insurance and Liability Concerns
Manage your liability risks with the right landlord insurance. When a renter, a guest, or a service person is injured at your property, landlord insurance with liability coverage provides for the person’s medical expenses, as well as legal expenses involved. As property owner, you may be responsible for accidents that occur on your property, even if you are not present. It’s important to understand how landlord insurance can benefit property owners by insuring against liability claims. Our agents can answer all of your questions at Goosehead Insurance Waco.

Landlord Insurance and Damage Recovery
Decrease losses to your investment. Mitigate and minimize additional loss of rent and investment value after an accident or emergency. Landlords have responsibility to keep occupied residences in good repair. Maintain your property value. Keep your residents and property guests safe. Decrease liability risks with the right coverage from Goosehead Insurance Waco landlord insurance options.

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