Auto Insurance

Protection for Every Vehicle

On the road, there are no guarantees.

Statistically, every driver will be involved in an accident at some point. Be safe. Be prepared. Be insured.

Goosehead Insurance Waco auto insurance agents are ready to help you with the customized coverage you need for your vehicles and lifestyle.

We believe life is for living. Get the right car insurance coverage. Get out and enjoy it.

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Car Insurance Tailored For You

If you own a car, you want to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and all other drivers.

In case of an accident, the best car insurance policies help you repay damages and get life back to normal quickly.

At Goosehead Insurance Waco, it is our goal to design the best auto insurance policy for you.

Types of Auto Insurance

Be familiar with basic and expanded options when you buy car insurance.

Liability Insurance: Essential when you buy car insurance, this type of insurance covers the medical costs of people injured in an accident that you cause.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Texas law states that all auto insurance companies must offer PIP insurance, which is an added layer of protection for your medical expenses after an automobile accident.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance: Extending beyond liability insurance, this additional coverage protects you if someone’s insurance is not enough to cover the costs of your injuries and property damage.

Collision Insurance: One of the best car insurance options for newer vehicles, this type of insurance covers the costs of damages to your car after an accident.

Comprehensive Insurance: The most extensive type of auto owners insurance, comprehensive insurance typically offers coverage for incidents other than collisions, including the costs of damages caused by extreme weather, theft, or vandalism.

The best, most extensive full coverage auto insurance quotes include an evaluation of all your property’s assets and risks.

Goosehead Insurance Waco agents are here to help.

Auto Insurance and Texas State Law

While Texas state law mandates that all drivers carry liability insurance, quotes for car insurance can include a lot of additional coverage. More insurance coverage can mean lower costs in the event of an accident. Fewer accidents keep a driver’s costs low. While car insurance companies offer a selection of coverage, it’s important to discuss options with a professional and design the perfect coverage plan for your family or business. Goosehead Insurance Waco agents are prepared to give all central Texas drivers thorough, fine-tuned auto insurance quotes to meet their individual needs.
And More
  • Classic cars and customized vehicles.
  • Disability-equipped and handicap-accessible vehicles.
  • Vans and buses.
  • Sport cars and farm vehicles.
Every driver and car owner has options to tailor their car insurance quotes for the perfect fit. Goosehead Insurance Waco: using experience to guide you through options. Helping every driver find the right coverage.

Boat and RV Insurance

Coverage That Goes Where You Go

Your life is three dimensional. You’re on the move and you need insurance coverage that comes along with you, so you don’t have to worry.

Goosehead Insurance Waco offers a selection of auto insurance policies that extend beyond basic liability insurance quotes. Get the coverage that matches your life.

Boat Insurance

Insuring a boat is not like insuring anything else. A boat can be in many different places and conditions that other insured items – like homes and cars – cannot. Liability Boat Insurance All basic boat insurance policies include liability coverage, which will protect you if someone is injured on your boat. Full Boat Insurance Coverage You can also extend your boat insurance to include collision or comprehensive coverage. It’s important to speak with an experienced professional, who understands Texas insurance options. Goosehead Insurance Waco: understanding team of service driven professionals.
Ask about insurance overlap: When your boat is attached to a trailer, it may be covered under your auto insurance policy. Some boat insurance doesn’t cover damages that happen on land. Ask about insurance changes: When your boat is being stored, it may be attached to your homeowners’ policy. Storage conditions may affect the details of your boat insurance policy.

Ask about insurance limits:
When your boat is not in use, your insurance may vary depending whether it is stored in or out of the water. Your boat insurance coverage may change in different seasons or weather conditions.

It’s important that you understand any limits on your boat insurance coverage. Ask a seasoned professional at Goosehead Insurance Waco.

Goosehead Insurance Waco boat insurance team: here to help you enjoy every minute on the water.

RV Insurance

Motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels – no matter what you call them, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) combine the freedom of the open road with the security and comfort of home.

The same comfortable full coverage that you have at home, available to you on the road: Goosehead Insurance Waco RV Insurance.

Extended Auto Insurance Benefits
Because RVs and other motor homes include both living areas and motor vehicles, RV insurance combines homeowners coverage and vehicle insurance to prepare you for life on the road.

Get full liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage for your RV or trailer.

Extended Roadside Assistance Benefits
When emergencies happen, RVs may require special roadside assistance to get them moving again. This coverage can be essential when something goes wrong.

Outdoor and Recreation Vehicle Insurance

Work Hard. Play Hard. Stay Insured.

Not everything you “drive” is a car.

Ask one of our Goosehead Insurance Waco Agents about insurance to cover all your recreational vehicles. From work to play, enjoy everything you do, knowing that you are covered.

Customize your auto insurance coverage for every outdoor and recreational vehicle, on land and water.

  • Jetskis and Air Boats
  • Golf Carts and 4-Wheelers
  • Go Karts and Dune Buggies
  • ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Goosehead Insurance Waco offers a range of auto owners’ insurance policies that fit your life.

Motorcycle Insurance

Goosehead Insurance Waco policies can include personalized coverage for all two wheeled motor vehicles – motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and more. Motorcycle insurance policies tailored to your lifestyle and the coverage you need.

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At Goosehead Insurance Waco, we believe in the best customer service. We believe in giving the same kind of service we like to receive when we go somewhere. With top knowledge, our experienced professionals are ready to answer your questions, describe your insurance options, help you adjust your coverage, or guide you through filing a claim. Come by our office and get on a first-name basis with us. Goosehead Insurance Waco: Best auto insurance selection and customer service. Best car, boat, and RV insurance options. Proud to be the local Waco, Texas Goosehead Insurance Agency.