Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Home. Protect Your Life. Protect the Things That Matter.

Owning a home means protecting your home.

Homeowners insurance helps people during emergencies. Whether an accident has damaged your property or caused medical expenses for someone, home owner insurance is there to help.

Don’t stress when recovering after an emergency. Get the right coverage. Get protection you trust. Get accessible agents who are always there to help.

The best homeowners’ insurance policies are tailored to your property, your needs, and your life.

The best home insurance quotes in Waco, Texas. Tailored to fit you: Goosehead Insurance Waco Homeowners Insurance Policies.

Basic, Broad, Comprehensive, Modified Coverage for Damages

Basic house insurance protects your building when emergencies occur. In the event of an accident or natural event, home insurance covers your property so it can be repaired. Individual Quotes for Every Property Every home is different. No two house insurance quotes should be the same. Make sure you have the right coverage for your property. Basic Coverage Homeowners insurance typically covers damage from fire and smoke, hail and wind, and other natural events. Homeowners insurance may also cover losses incurred from theft, vandalism, or human causes. Understanding Your Coverage Understanding your home owner insurance is essential to maintaining your property. It’s important to speak to a knowledgeable professional about what your homeowners insurance covers. Ask your Goosehead Insurance Waco agent all your questions – we’re here to help. From basic to advanced, including the most intricate and detailed home insurance policies. Goosehead Insurance Waco offers the best selection of high value home insurance. Trust our experienced professionals to guide you through the home insurance selection process. Goosehead Insurance Waco: Helping you find the right insurance coverage for you.

Personal Liability Home Owners Insurance

When accidents happen, no one wants to worry. With personal liability insurance, you don’t have to.

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to protect the people on your property.

Protect your family. Look out for your friends. Keep visitors sheltered from harm.

Understand how the best homeowners insurance policies cover more than your physical property.

Medical and Legal Coverage
If someone is injured at your property, liability portion of homeowners insurance can cover medical and recovery expenses.

Personal liability insurance protection can also cover legal defense after a liability claim.

Ask your Goosehead Insurance Waco agent for more details about personal liability insurance coverage options.

Personal Property Insurance

The best home insurance agencies can offer a selection of coverage for more than the structures and buildings on your property. Have your personal property repaired or replaced after damages. Recover and replace furniture, linens, and clothing. Rebuild your home, restore your life after an emergency. Combine and customize home insurance coverage to suit your property and your family’s needs with help from your friendly local Waco insurance team: Goosehead Insurance Waco agents.

Flood Insurance

Extensive Coverage for Water Damage

Many homeowners insurance policies do not include coverage for damages from water and flooding. In some areas of Texas that are close to water, it is mandatory to carry flood insurance along with your homeowners insurance. In other areas it may not be required by law, but it may be excellent protection for your property. It’s important to speak to an experienced professional for accurate flood insurance quotes that consider your situation. Get the protection you need and the quality service you deserve: Goosehead Insurance Waco.

National Flood Insurance Program

Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program, a part of the federal government and FEMA’s disaster prevention and relief.

Local and National Providers

For full coverage that protects your property from all types of damage, get flood insurance from the best local and national providers.

Addressing Your Risks

Customized homeowners insurance quotes for coverage to address your property’s specific risks.

Complimentary Quote

Complimentary flood insurance quotes with review of your homeowners insurance policy. Ask one of our knowledgeable agents about what flood insurance coverage is right for you.

Personal Service. Personal Care. Personal Coverage.

Waco’s superior selection of home owner insurance: Goosehead Insurance Waco is proud to be your local insurance agency for water damage and flooding coverage.

Earthquake Insurance

For When the Earth Moves Under Your Feet

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not include coverage for earthquakes or “earth movement.” When an earthquake occurs, and you have the right coverage in place, you don’t worry about your property. Earthquakes in Texas Earthquakes are not uncommon in Texas. Every year, some areas throughout the state experience more than a dozen earthquakes – and peaks have been recorded with over a dozen earthquakes in a month.
Complimentary Earthquake Insurance Review Ask us about our homeowners insurance with earthquake protection. Every homeowner can receive an accurate, thorough, individualized earthquake insurance quote. The best full protection for every property. Protect what you care about: Goosehead Insurance Waco.
Building Construction and Earthquakes Some buildings may not be prepared to withstand earthquakes. But every homeowner can be. Earthquakes are common enough to be a problem, but not all buildings are reinforced to withstand earthquake damage. Older homes or dwellings may be at an increased risk in the event of an earthquake. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help assess the specific risks to your building and determine the right earthquake insurance coverage. Goosehead Insurance Waco offers the best earthquake insurance options in Texas.

Jewelry and Personal Property Insurance

Jewelry Insurance Jewelry insurance protection covers a specific piece of jewelry, or your entire collection of precious jewelry pieces. Jewelry insurance quotes available with any homeowners’ insurance policy. Our experienced team will happily provide you with many options. Insure your wedding ring. Keep your family heirlooms safe. Protect the value of your most precious items.

Antiques. Specialty. Rare Valuables.

Homeowners’ insurance policies include some personal property insurance protection.

Some items are valuable enough to need extra protection. If you have specialty, rare, or highly valuable jewelry, artwork, or collectibles, speak with a Goosehead Insurance Waco agent about specific insurance to protect it from costs after damage, loss, or theft.

Personal Property Insurance Personal property insurance offers protection on your artwork, collectibles, antiques, and other specialty high-value items.
  • Get customized coverage for high-end electronics and sophisticated computer equipment.
  • Insure your home theater or entertainment system.
  • Protect the worth of your firearms and accessories.
  • Cover the value of world-class musical instruments.
  • Shelter antique, vintage, and historical items with special insurance policies.
While a high value home insurance policy can include and cover many of your home’s valuable items, discuss options for additional coverage for your most precious items with one of our knowledgeable Goosehead Insurance Waco agents. A range of jewelry and personal property insurance options in central Texas. Coverage that is right for you.

Umbrella Insurance

Extend Your Insurances. Coverage for All of Your Liability

A custom designed umbrella insurance policy extends beyond the limits of your other insurance policies.

When homeowners, auto, boat, and other insurances’ liability coverage leaves some risks uncovered and “out in the rain,” an umbrella policy adds an extra layer of protection.

Cover more than the standard limits of your liability insurance: umbrella insurance extends your coverage so you are never “hung out to dry.”

Increased Liability Protection
In severe cases of damage and injury to others, the costs may exceed the limits of your homeowners, automobile, boat, or other insurance.

An umbrella insurance policy extends your coverage, increases your protection after an accident or emergency.

Get help after an accident or emergency.
Medical cost reimbursement for others.
Legal assistance if a liability suit occurs.

Umbrella insurance keeps the pieces of your life protected.

Complimentary Umbrella Insurance Quote
Get a customized umbrella insurance quote with any basic homeowners’, auto, or boat insurance policy.

Find out how extra protection can save you from paying extra costs due to a liability claim: umbrella insurance policies from Goosehead Insurance Waco.

Rental Home Insurance

Renting property can require more house insurance and extended liability coverage. Investment property owners for every type of residence might consider a policy that covers most property management and landlord concerns.

Ask a Goosehead Insurance Waco agent about the right rental home insurance for your property.

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